St. Catherine Laboure Catholic Church is a growing rural family-orientated community with a unique history and strong commitment to each other and our faith.  As a spirit-led Christian community, we teach and learn, following the example of Christ.  We encourage others in their Christian growth both within and outside our own community.  We worship together, laugh together and support each other.

Brief History: St. Catherine Laboure had their first Mass in the Concord Opera House on May 3rd, 1953 as a “Mission Parish”.  After 30 years in 1983 nine parishioners pursued turning St. Catherine into a parish. Permission was granted on February 14th, 1984.  In 1993, St. Catherine was left an estate from Peter and Frances Kryst with the understanding that St. Catherine should erect a new church building.  The new building on Harmon Avenue was dedicated on February 18th, 1996 by Bishop Carl Mengeling.