Confirmation Program






The Sacrament of Confirmation is the way for a Catholic to attain full membership in the Catholic Church. It fulfills the Sacraments of Initiation. It is a beautiful Sacrament that will instill God’s grace within you to strengthen and sustain you in your lifelong journey of faith. We are excited to start the journey with your child! 

                                                                                   – Leslie Reagle




We use the Chosen program by Ascension. This program has proven to change the hearts and minds of our Youth.

Other activities are woven into the classes as well and class prayer is a special time for our students.


In addition to classes students attend Diocese of Lansing Rally’s and a minimum of one Retreat as a class.  They are also encouraged to do Service Hours with one another.


Grade Level


Students begin preparation in 7th or 8th grade depending on which grade they are in when a new session is started. Our program is a 2 year program and combines both our 7th and 8th grades together.  This allows for a larger classes and a more lively discussions between students.



Service Hours

Students also are required to do some service hours as part of completing this program:


Though this is not inclusive list or required – many of our students have done the following:

  • Serve and Cleanup at St. Catherine’s annual Lenten Soup and Salad dinners
  • Nursing home visits
  • Volunteer at the Open Door Free Store – Concord MI
  • Volunteer at St. Vincent’s De Paul- Jackson, MI
  • Help with Roadside pick up with our Local Knights of Columbus Council
  • Get involved with 40 Days for Life activities
  • Help elder parishioners/neighbors with Snow Shoveling/Leaf Cleanup
  • Assist in Religious Education classes



Class Schedule


Classes are held Sunday evenings typically every other Sunday September thru April –   6:00-7:30  A detailed calendar is provided the beginning of each year.

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A parent meeting is held before the start of each new Session.  Parents are shown a Parent Video on the Chosen program.  Also, all requirements are explained and any questions are answered at this time.


Parent/Sponsor Roles


As St. Catherine’s we believe, Parent and Sponsor involvement are necessary for a successful program. Both the Parent and Sponsor guides are encouraged throughout the program.  Sponsors are required to attend a class with the students and parents are always welcome to attend a class!



Contact Information


Any questions on our Confirmation program should be directed to:

Leslie Reagle – Confirmation Catechist/DRE

Call the Parish Office or email